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Fur Cleaning & Storage To Properly Maintain Your Finest

Fur cleaning storage

When it comes to special garments like fur coats, scarves, and more, it's essential that they receive the best care possible. Emerson Cleaners is proud to offer high-quality fur cleaning and storage to residents of Emerson. Fur coats and other garments with natural fur are delicate and require extra special treatment, and we're happy to provide this and much more!

More often than not, furs aren't cleaned because they are dirty in the traditional sense. The number one concern with real fur garments is their natural oils drying out. If you touch a fur coat, you might notice a slight oily feeling - these are the natural oils that keep it looking lush and shiny. Things like dust and other airborne particles can get caught in the hairs of the fur and soak up those oils. They can also have an abrasive effect on the fur, drying it out and making it look dull. If you paid a hefty price for your fur garment or it was passed down from a relative, the last thing you want is for it to lose its beauty! That's where Emerson Cleaners comes in. Our fur cleaning and storage specialists will perform all of the industry's most reliable techniques on your furs to ensure they are shiny and fresh so you can keep wearing them for years to come.

Fur Coat Storage

Just like furs require extra care when being cleaned, they also require specific care when being stored. You can't just hang your fur coat up in your closet, bare, pressed up against all of your other clothes! As we mentioned before, it's essential to preserve the natural oils in your fur garments that keep them looking luxurious. With our fur coat storage, we can do just that. We'll ensure your furs are properly covered and protected when they aren't in use, storing them in a cool, dark place on the right hangers where they can be preserved until the next time you wear them.

Emerson's Most Reliable Dry Cleaner

Dry cleaning for Emerson is easy when you trust Emerson Cleaners. With three generations of experience and high-quality work, we're certain we can provide you with the best dry cleaning, fur cleaning and storage, and other services in the area, including:

And, because we use exclusively eco-friendly dry cleaning products and processes, you can feel confident that you're doing your part when you trust us with your clothes. Call Emerson Cleaners today to learn more about our fur cleaning and storage services or to schedule a pickup and delivery!

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