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Wedding Dress Preservation To Protect Your Gown

Wedding dress preservation

If you're looking for wedding dress preservation services in Emerson, make the call to Emerson Cleaners! We offer the area's best services to ensure your wedding dress looks as beautiful as it did on your wedding day, for the rest of its life.

Brides have a number of options for their dresses after the ceremony has passed - some choose to donate or even sell their wedding dresses, while others want to preserve them to keep the memories of their wedding day alive. Wedding dresses can represent happiness, love, and celebration, and if you want those things to last a lifetime, wedding dress preservation from Emerson Cleaners is for you. The goal of this service is to make your wedding dress look brand new for a long time after its last wear, long enough even to pass the dress down to future generations. Our team knows just how important this garment is to you and we strive to give every wedding dress preservation we perform our best effort. If you're interested in wedding dress preservation for your own gown, please give Emerson Cleaners a call today.

Bridal Gown Preservation

If you've ever worn or even touched a wedding dress, you know just how delicate the fabrics can be, especially if they include lace, beads, and other ornaments. When we take care of your wedding dress preservation, we use the utmost care in cleaning and packaging so your gown keeps its inherent beauty and value, no matter how many years pass.

One of our expert preservationists will inspect your gown and design a unique cleaning procedure. Once clean, the dress will be carefully wrapped in acid-free paper and packaged in a high-quality archival box. Choosing not to preserve your bridal gown could result in:

  • Oxidation spots
  • Yellowing
  • Permanent creasing
  • Growth of mold or mildew

Take the best care of your wedding dress by calling Emerson Cleaners for wedding dress preservation services by our dedicated pros.

High-Quality, Professional Results Every Time

When you bring us your wedding dress for preservation, we guarantee to use the safest, most effective techniques to clean and restore your gown. We use these same methods to perform all of our other services, including event and formal wear cleaning and all other dry cleaning for Emerson. We aim to be as green as possible in each service we perform because we love your clothes just as much as you do! Expect only the best results when you rely on Emerson Cleaners for your dry cleaning and other garment needs.

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