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Dry Cleaning Services & Stain Removal Specialists

Dry cleaning stain removal

When Emerson residents need dry cleaning services, they know who to call - Emerson Cleaners. When you want to keep your garments in the best condition possible over the years, dry cleaning services are essential. Clothing of all kinds, from sports coats and formal dresses to collared shirts and suits, can only be cleaned through professional dry cleaning. If you find yourself in need of dry cleaning services for your clothes, it's smart to trust Emerson Cleaners! We are the team that knows how to make sure your clothes get the attention they deserve.

The dry cleaning services we provide are customizable because we know that not every garment can be treated the same. From general cleaning and spot treatment to specialized services for delicate fabrics and materials, we can do it all! No detail goes overlooked when you rely on us for your dry cleaning, and that means you'll get the results you want every time!

What Can't We Dry Clean?

Emerson Cleaners is proud to be the top-rated company providing dry cleaning for Emerson. There isn't a single garment in your closet that we can't dry clean, and we challenge you to find one! We've got all of the eco-friendly products and high-quality equipment to take care of dry cleaning clothes of all kinds, and even other services like event & formal wear cleaning.

Just a few of the many types of garments we dry clean include:

  • Suits, jackets, & vests
  • Dresses and gowns
  • Business attire & formal wear
  • Miscellaneous items like shawls, wraps, and scarves

Stain Removal Professionals

It's easy to think your favorite shirt is completely ruined after spilling your morning coffee or splashing oil on it while cooking. But if you act quickly and get your stained garment to a dry cleaning pro like Emerson Cleaners, we can take care of the stain so it looks like it was never there! Most stains are either water-based or oil-based, and we can take care of both. The most common stains we remove include:

  • Tannin stains like wine, tea, coffee, and alcohol
  • Fat, grease, & oil stains like butter, lotion, or motor oil
  • Dye stains like grass and ink
  • Protein stains like blood and sweat

Even if your garment has a combination of these stains, don't worry - we can take care of it! Our stain removal specialists have all of the products and years of experience needed to remove even your toughest stains.

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